Canton’s newest pita-themed restaurant is distinctive. Here’s why.

 Canton’s newest pita-themed restaurant is distinctive. Here’s why.

Pick A Pita recently opened at 7309 N. Lilley Road.

Even before you sink your teeth into a freshly-prepared pita at Canton’s newest restaurant, your mood will almost immediately be boosted by the amazing wall art that grabs your attention inside the recently-opened Pick A Pita, located at 7309 N. Lilley Road.

The family-owned and operated eatery’s south wall is blanketed by uplifting phrases like “Set Your Goals High and Don’t Stop Till You Get There” and “Believe You Can & You Are Halfway There”.

While the decor is amazing, it’s the food that is prepared by the Haddad family that will really make your day.

“We cook our meats — tenderloins, kafta and chicken — over an open flame on a lump charcoal grill,” said Fouad Haddad. “That’s one thing that makes us distinctive; nobody else in the area does that.

Foaud Haddad (front) and Christian Haddad prepare to put the finishing touches on a tastebuds-pleasing pita.
Fouad Haddad front and Christian Haddad prepare to put the finishing touches on a tastebuds pleasing pita

“And our pitas are freshly prepared with the meats, toppings and garnishments that our customers request. We already have repeat customers and all of the online reviews we’ve received have been five stars, so people like what we’re doing.”

Owners live and attended school in Canton

Owners Fouad and Hilda Haddad are Canton residents and graduates of Canton High School.

Fouad Haddad explained the Canton location is the first Pick A Pita in the United States.

“My nephews, Tony and Dory Tounnous, came up with the concept in Quebec, Canada,” he said. “They have five locations called Lagalette Libanaise, and they are very popular. We’re following suit in Canton.”

Tenderloin shish kabob
Tenderloin shish kabob

Pick A Pita is all about fresh food and family. The Haddads’ son and daughter work in the business, adding to its cool vibe.

“It’s great working with my family,” Fouad said. “We all love it.”

Among the menu’s abundant menu offerings are smoked salmon and spinach feta pitas (along with the traditional meats) and items sold by the skewer, including tenderloin shish kabob, beef kafta and chicken shish kabob — all made to order and cooked to perfection, Haddad ensured.

Designed to inspire

When asked about the cool wall-art aesthetics, Haddad said it’s all about inspiring the people who walk in the front door.

“Our food is popular with people of all ages,” he added. “Even though we’ve only been open a week, we’ve had customers who have tried pretty much everything on the menu — and loved everything they’ve tried.

“Our chicken pita has been incredibly popular so far, but to be honest, everything has been a hit so far.”

Desserts, too

Pick A Pita also offers desserts, including ballorieh.

Pick A Pita, which is located in the Canton Corners shopping complex, is open daily 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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The decor in Pick A Pita has an inspirational theme.
The decor in Pick A Pita has an inspirational theme

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