Dearborn-based ‘Man Honey’ bolsters energy, overall health

 Dearborn-based ‘Man Honey’ bolsters energy, overall health

Recently released Man Honey’s ingredients are all natural. The product is produced by Dearborn-based Man Brands.

Michigan-based supplement and men’s health company Man Brands today unveiled its cornerstone supplement, Man Honey.

Developed to improve the holistic well-being of men, Man Honey leverages the natural attributes of honey to effectively deliver its blend of scientifically-backed ingredients aimed at bolstering energy, stamina, mood, prostate health, and sexual function.

Man Honey is on a mission to elevate men’s health when they need to be at their best.

Man Honey blends Raw Honey with Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, and Horny Goat Weed. These five ingredients are precisely combined to form an advanced supplement delivery system.

Domestic ingredients only

All ingredients are sourced from U.S. suppliers and rigorously tested by independent laboratories to ensure purity and consistency.

Man Honey is made from all natural ingredients
Man Honey is made from all natural ingredients

Treasured since ancient times, honey is brimming with antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and soothing benefits, while the four additional ingredients in Man Honey have natural properties that may improve libido and general sexual health (Tribulus Terrestris); boost energy levels and improve mood (Maca Root); reduce inflammation and revitalize hair and skin (Saw Palmetto); and increase blood flow and combat fatigue (Horny Goat Weed).

Challenges such as work-related stress, financial pressures, and relationship complexities are universal, but men are now seeking more from their health supplements.

Man Brands is a front-runner in delivering high-quality, convenient products that make a real difference, incorporating the natural benefits of honey, says co-founder Oliver Nasralah.

Commitment to quality, safety

In an industry where many men’s supplements, particularly those not made in the U.S., are frequently flagged by the FDA for containing illegal and potentially harmful ingredients, Man Honey stands apart.

Produced in the United States following stringent quality protocols, Man Honey offers a safe, effective, and trustworthy alternative for men looking to improve their overall health.

Honey’s slower metabolic rate compared to refined sugar provides extended, enriched benefits, including stamina, which is crucial for men in various aspects of life—from the gym to the bedroom to the boardroom.

Importantly, most men report experiencing enriched benefits within a week of use. However, it’s essential to maintain a balanced diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, and proper hydration for maximum effectiveness.

Natural remedy

Unlike prescription medications for male enhancement, which can have harsh side effects, Man Honey is crafted to support healthy sexual functions, offering a natural, safe, and effective option for men.

Currently, Man Honey is available for purchase as a 5-pack, 10-pack, and 20-pack on its website Subscription services are planned for future release.

“Consistency is key to realizing the full benefits of any supplement,” added Nasralah. “While we’re working on soon offering a subscription model, our convenient packs make it easier to incorporate Man Honey into a man’s daily routine.”

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