Every day is a holiday for your nose at Canton’s Buff City Soap, a place for good, clean fun

 Every day is a holiday for your nose at Canton’s Buff City Soap, a place for good, clean fun

Pictured are (from left) Buff City Soap Director of Operations Eris Taylor, Marketing Manager Virginia Kamenitzer and District Manager Jarrod Riggleman.

Scent-sational new Canton business sells everything from bath bombs to shower fizzy — and it’s all hand-made onsite.

If your nose deserves a vacation – or simply a 20-minute respite from breathing in dull, stagnant air – stop by Buff City Soap, a fresh new Canton business that makes dollars with scents at its just-opened location at 43555 Ford Road.

Like a donut factory that bakes its product minutes before the neon OPEN sign lights up, Buff City Soap’s wide variety of soap-centered offerings are manufactured daily in an onsite makerie – by hand with plant-based materials and no harsh chemicals.

“Making the products is half the fun of working here,” said Jarrod Riggleman, a Buff City district manager who, along with Director of Operations Eris Taylor and Marketing Manager Virginia Kamenitzer, helped put the finishing touches on the Canton store’s interior aesthetics just hours before its Nov. 10 grand opening.

Hand-made products

“Probably the most appealing thing for our customers is that everything is hand-made by us, in the store.”

Buff City’s laundry list of nose-pleasing products ranges from foaming hand soap to bath bombs – with dryer balls and shower fizzy among the other scent-tilating offerings.

“Our laundry soap is probably our most popular product,” revealed Taylor. “And everything is customizable so our customers can purchase any product with whatever scent that is available in our makerie.”

In store display of bath bombs and other soaps at Buff City Soap in Canton

Taylor said the foundation of the franchise’s success can be found in its ability to make fresh products to match that particular day’s demand.

“We learn quickly what people like and then we make sure to keep our shelves stocked with those particular products,” he said. “We make sure everybody’s favorite products are available.”

Bath bomb parties

One of the biggest crowd-pleasing events the store hosts are bath bomb parties, Kamenitzer revealed.

“For instance, parents can book their child’s birthday party here and instead of the kids sitting around eating unhealthy food, they sit at the bar near our makerie and make their own bath bombs, mixing their choice of scents and colors,” she said. “We have PTA groups, groups of teachers – you name it – who’ll meet here for a fun, unique experience.”

Kamenitzer said the bath bomb parties are generally limited to 10 participants.

“This store is going to explode with people wanting to host bath bomb parties,” she said. “It’s so much fun making these things.”

Display of various products at Buff City Soap in Canton

Buff City is hosting a give-away extravaganza for its first four days (Nov. 10-13) of business at the Canton location. The first 50 people who show up each day (the store opens at 10 a.m.) will win free soap for a year.

There will also be hourly drawings for free bath bomb parties, a $100 gift box and laundry bundles.

All clean fun for a place that makes every day a holiday for your nose.

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