Everything from ax throwing to bubble soccer offered at this site

 Everything from ax throwing to bubble soccer offered at this site

A thrilling ropes course hangs over a variety of electronic games for the Tailgate Garage’s younger visitors.

Massive Canton facility is haven for people seeking endless fun

While its name implies a place to get your vehicle’s oil changed, Canton’s Tailgate Garage is actually a massive space where people can fill up on fun.

“I’ve heard people who come here for the first time say, ‘I always thought this was a place where you could work on your car,” quipped Tailgate Garage Manager Faizan Hassan. “Once they’re in here, though, most people really enjoy themselves.”

Based on the facility’s menu of trending activities – from ax throwing to bubble soccer – it’s not surprising the vast majority of first impressions are positive.

Built and opened initially with the name The Fun Garage in 2016, the business changed its name and offerings in 2021, replacing bumper cars with ax throwing and laser tag with football bowling.

A football bowling area is a popular attraction at the Tailgate Garage

Visitors can also compete in virtual-reality games, navigate a slick ropes course and battle their friends and family members in archery tag.

Light bar food like chicken tenders, chicken wings and pizza, along with beverages – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – are also available.

“People aren’t used to having all of these activities available under one roof,” Hassan said. “It’s a great place for the whole family to get away for two or three hours. The parents can do axe throwing and football bowling or have a beer, and the kids can go and play on their own.

“We get a lot of large groups … corporate events, school and church outings. There’s a lot to do here – in fact, it would be hard to do everything in one visit.”

The business’s pay structure is diverse, Hassan said. There are packages available that include multiple activities; or visitors can pay to partake in just one of the many offerings.

“The most popular now – if I had to rank them – are ax throwing, archery tag and bubble soccer,” Hassan said. “Honestly, though, all of the games are popular, depending on what customers like to do.”

Hassan said the facility’s location – on Michigan Avenue in south Canton – is close to ideal.

“It’s nice because we’re not in the middle of Canton on a bustling street,” he said. “We’re a little off to the side, but only a 10-minute drive from most subdivisions.”

So if your fun factor needs a tune up, check out the Tailgate Garage – a space with something for everybody.



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