GARDEN PARTY: Event attendees marvel at backyard beauty

 GARDEN PARTY: Event attendees marvel at backyard beauty

This eye-catching backyard garden wowed the hundreds of Northville Garden Walk attendees.

The Northville Garden Walk was held Wednesday, July 12, and the turnout was grand on a cool day with a touch of sun.

Hundreds of garden-lovers flocked to the six gardens in Northville and Novi that feature the results of tender-loving care, knowledge of soil, and plenty of toil which the homeowners lavish on their green space – backyards, side yards, and even front yards.

The annual event, now in its 29th year, is hosted by the Country Garden Club of Northville. The club is part of the Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association, promoting education and conservation through fellowship and community service.

Proceeds from the walk are used to provide college scholarships to Northville High School seniors and to support horticultural and environmental causes.

One of the six gardens featured on the Northville Garden Walk
One of the six gardens featured on the Northville Garden Walk

The shade gardens feature ferns and hostas, native plants and flowering perennials such as bleeding hearts, astilbe, columbine and African arrowroot, and dozens of lesser known plants whose colors came alive amid the light and dark greens of surrounding plants and trees.

Wide range of colors

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The sun gardens favor flowers in a range of colors. Beebalm, butterfly weed, roses, torch lilies and others flourish in the sun and many attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Some are arranged in intriguing groupings, others blend in a freeform manner.

Artwork in the garden adds another layer of interest. Tall pots spotlight flowers and plants – seemingly put on a pedestal.

Tree ornaments add a touch of whimsey to low branches, such as a classic round, oversized temperature gauge; bird houses; and brackets with hanging flower baskets.

Stepping stones shaped like turtles, bees and other critters are laid thoughtfully in gardens leading to points of interest.

Attendees take notes

The hosts know from trial and error what plants and flowers best fit the space – and attendees oohed and aahed over their arrangements and took notes on what they could apply to their own gardens – being pollinators of a different type.

Colorful plants were abundant on the Northville Garden Walk
Colorful plants were abundant on the Northville Garden Walk

Common themes were bunches of lavender, well-tended terraces, stone or tile patios, groupings of lawn chairs and tables, and outdoor structures such as gazebos, archways, a gardener shed, fountains and more.

Several of the garden hosts don’t use pesticides and have rain barrels that capture the rain water used to water the garden.

Some of the properties back to woods or a meadow that make it seem like the garden is a forever space.

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