HOW SWEET IT IS! Canton’s chocolate-themed dessert shop opens

 HOW SWEET IT IS! Canton’s chocolate-themed dessert shop opens

A trio of chocolate fountains attract the eyes of visitors to Chocolick.

Canton’s version of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory is open and ready to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet-tooth cravings.

Chocolick, which is located at 145 N. Haggerty Road (just north of Cherry Hill Road), is not only a chocolate lover’s paradise — the menu offerings range from a Volcanic Delight Lava Cake to house-made waffles topped with Belgian chocolate — its interior decor is uncommonly amazing.

A massive mural on the space’s south wall features the new business’s larger-than-life tongue logo, a giant chocolate-covered strawberry and the business’s name painted boldly across a purple backdrop.

In one corner sits a porch swing with three Chocolick pillows.

Chocolate fountains galore

A trio of chocolate fountains immediately draw the attention of visitors, who realize they’ve stepped into chocolate heaven.

The wall art in Chocolick is jaw dropping cool
The wall art in Chocolick is jaw dropping cool

Following the fitting mantra “Finger-Licking Sweet”, Chocolick owners Hass Jomaa and Moe Elhamawi have created a place that is unlike any other in Canton, if not all of western Wayne County.

“The bottom line is, if you like chocolate — or desserts in general — you’re going to love Chocolick,” assured Jomaa during a February pre-opening interview with

Jomaa and Elhamawi also own a chain of Big Moe’s Kitchen franchises, one of which is located next door to Chocolick.

Chocolate ‘with attitude’

The business’s menu is headlined by simple crepes, crepes “with attitude” (including a Choco Bomb that consists of a folded crepe with pastry whipped cream cheese, brownies and strawberries served with a cup of Belgian chocolate), pancakes, waffles, chocolate bowls and “All In” — each item dripping with delicious Belgian chocolate.

For you health fanatics, there are chocolate-covered fruit (strawberry, pineapple and banana) stick sweets. Chocolick also offers milk shakes, ice cream (several flavors including, of course, chocolate) and ice frappe.

The Chocolick decor includes an outdoors ish vibe
The Chocolick decor includes an outdoors ish vibe

One social-media reviewer said she’ll be coming back after her inaugural stop at Chocolick.

“Really cute little spot if you want a decadent dessert,” she wrote. “The Belgian chocolate was perfect. Had the banana and cream cheese crepes … it was soooo good.”

Chocolick is open Sunday through Thursday 2 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.; and Friday and Saturday 2 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.

“At Chocolick, we specialize in creating delicious and indulgent treats,” the business’s website says. “From classic crepes filled with fresh fruit and whipped cream, to rich and creamy chocolate fudge sundaes, we have something for everyone.”

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