Just when you thought you’d seen every way to secure a pizza …

 Just when you thought you’d seen every way to secure a pizza …

If you can buy a car from a giant vending machine (see Carvana), surely you can purchase a pizza from a machine that looks a lot like an ATM, right?

You can now, thanks to the ZaBot Pizza Robot, a version of which was recently installed in a Southfield parking lot on Greenfield Road, just south of 13 Mile Road.

ZaBot's menu offerings.
ZaBot’s menu offerings.

Customers can order their pizza directly from the machine, which has two ovens. The average wait time for pizzas is just three minutes, the company’s website revealed.

Open 24/7/365

The machines are always open — even on holidays — and are easy to use thanks to a touchscreen mechanism.

In addition to standard pizza toppings, Zabot offers veggie and meat lovers pizzas as well as specialty items like cheeseburger pizza.

ZaBots also serve hot cookies, cheese sticks and soft pretzels, its website boasts.

An innovation of Capri Pizza, a 62-year-old company, Zabots are equipped with 96 stored pizzas, two deck ovens and a pair of delivery hatches.

The futuristic form of pizza distribution will be available in airports, stadiums, shopping malls, campuses and high schools, its owners pledge.

Basically “anywhere with hungry people!” Capri notes.

Capri’s sales pitch to future ZaBot entrepreneurs is: “Our passive placement model allows you to buy and place a machine that we service and fill with pizza on your behalf. Make passive income 24/7 utilizing your existing real estate/location while we do all the work!

Contact us here if you are interested in placing a machine.”

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