Passive park taking shape on former vacant parcel in Plymouth Township

 Passive park taking shape on former vacant parcel in Plymouth Township

The path to greater connectivity in Plymouth Township is unfolding on a formally-vacant nine-acre slice of property near the intersection of Beck Road and Ann Arbor Trail.

Concrete pathways now wind through the grass at Golfview Park, a parcel of land that rests just south of Hilltop Golf Course.

The area has been fortified by 80 trees as well — donations to the township from Webasto Corp. — and a bench (the first of multiple planned for the park) that rests just a stone’s throw from Ann Arbor Trail.

The park’s status has been labeled “passive”, meaning there will be no athletic fields installed on the land. Plymouth Township Park, which is anchored by four baseball/softball fields, is located nearby.

The park’s amenities are being funded by monies secured by the township from the American Rescue Plan Act and an annual parks-enhancing amount the municipality receives from Wayne County.

The first bench installed at Golfview Park
The first bench installed at Golfview Park

The purpose of the park is to increase mobility for walkers, joggers and bikers on property near an intersection that was difficult to navigate.

The transformation of the property also preserves the land as green space, a priority of the Plymouth Township Board of Trustees, which approved a plan for the property in April of 2021.

Debris that could be found in wooded area on the eastern border of the park has been removed.

Upgrades to the park will continue as funds become available. Future improvements that have been discussed include the installation of public art and a modest parking lot adjacent to the existing golf course lot.

The township’s effort to transform the area has been assisted by Northville-based McKenna Associates.

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