Welcome to the GOODLYFE! Healthy food, uplifting vibe star at new eatery

 Welcome to the GOODLYFE! Healthy food, uplifting vibe star at new eatery

Mercy prepares a Blueberry Blast smoothie during Goodlyfe’s first day in business in Canton.

Featuring a menu of freshly-made smoothies that grows by the week, and a welcoming vibe that never stops, Canton’s Goodlyfe lives up to its feel-good name.

The township’s newest eatery — located at 6631 N. Canton Center Road (between Jacob Mathew Jewelers and Marco’s Pizza) officially opened April 29 at  — much to the delight of fans of the restaurant’s fresh food and bright, colorful atmosphere.

“It feels great to finally be open,” said Goodlyfe co-owner Naz Algehiam, who also has launched successful locations in Frasier and Belleville.

“It feels good to finally be able to provide the Canton community with our fresh and healthy smoothies, wraps and salads.”

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile, creative blend of smoothies than you’ll find at Goodlyfe, which prides itself on preparing everything it serves fresh and delicious.

Tasty smoothies, low caloric count

The business’s longtime No. 1 best-selling smoothie was Green Joy, a blend of spinach, kale, apple, mango, pineapple, banana and kiwi (mixed together with a modest calorie count of 567).

Goodlyfe features a bright colorful interior space
Goodlyfe features a bright colorful interior space

Green Joy has since taken a backseat on the best-selling list to a new release: Arabian Mango, which combines mango, kiwi and vanilla yogurt.

“All of the 20 smoothies we make are popular, but the Arabian Mango has really taken off since we introduced it a few weeks ago,” said Algehiam.

“Our customers appreciate that each smoothie is made fresh, onsite with ingredients that were sliced and prepared the same day.”

To give you an idea of Goodlyfe’s amazing variety of smoothies, other flavors include Crazy Berry, Creamy Peanut Butter and Blueberry Blast, all of which sell between the cost-efficient prices of $5.49 and $6.79.

This poster describes the Goodlyfe smoothies
This poster describes the Goodlyfe smoothies

There are also kids-sized smoothies (Blueberry Blast, Strawberry Banana, Peanut Butter Delight and Red, White and Blue) available for just $3.49.

Ridiculously-good wraps

Goodlyfe’s wraps are as desirable as its smoothies, Algehiam said.

“All of our ingredients are dropped off fresh every day and we slice and prepare everything in the store,” he said. “People rave about how fresh everything is prepared.”

The wrap menu is vast, ranging from the Goodlyfe Wrap (spinach, avocado, feta cheese, tomato and grilled chicken) to the Mediterranean Wrap, which is stuffed with hummus, feta, spinach, avocado, tomato and chicken.

Customers also have the option of building their own wrap, with a deep selection of ingredients to choose from.

What’s behind the name?

Algehiam said a lot of thought went into naming the restaurant.

“It took us about three months because we wanted the name to be just right,” he said. “We finally settled on Goodlyfe because one of the keys to living a good life is to eat fresh, healthy food, which is our mainstay.”

The interior of Goodlyfe is bright and welcoming
The interior of Goodlyfe is bright and welcoming

Goodlyfe’s salad menu runs 10 deep.

The business recently added quesadillas — cheese, chicken, greek, HD and “The Hot One” — which have been a hit with new and longtime customers, Algehiam confirmed.

To learn more about Goodlyfe and its one-of-a-kind menu, visit its website here.

Algehiam noted the Canton location is still looking for employees. If interested, call 734-228-6183.

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