Year-round hard work, dedication pay off for Northville’s Freydl

 Year-round hard work, dedication pay off for Northville’s Freydl

Northville senior Christian Freydl is a play-making cornerback for the undefeated Mustangs.

The opportunity to shine for your high school football team under the Friday night lights is earned through a series of away-from-the-spotlight sacrifices.

As Northville senior Christian Freydl has learned over the years, the games are the ultimate reward for busting your tail when no one but your teammates and coaches are watching.

“Football is a year-round sport,” said Freydl, a starting cornerback and part-time receiver for the 3-0 Mustangs. “We start lifting as a team in December. We’ve had some mini-camps and we work out here on the field. There’s a lot of work with trainers in the off-season. It’s really an everyday thing: studying, lifting, running.”

Getting a chance to play a pivotal role for a team ranked in the state’s top 10-ranked programs in Division 1 is beyond meaningful for Freydl.

“It means the world to me,” he said.

Welcome-to-football moment

Like most high school players, Freydl’s welcome-to-football moment included some never-before-experienced contact.

Christian Freydl blankets a Brighton receiver during the Mustangs' 24-10 victory Sept. 8. PHOTO ELLEN CLAUSON
Christian Freydl blankets a Brighton receiver during the Mustangs 24 10 victory Sept 8 PHOTO ELLEN CLAUSON

“I remember my first day in pads in seventh grade, I got absolutely rocked by Max Anderson, who was a really good player here at Northville High School,” Freydl remembered.

“I think, in a way, that inspired me to want to get bigger and to do whatever it took to be the one delivering hits like that. Now, I love hitting.”

Freydl said he loves being part of a group of teammates and coaches who have forged an incredibly-tight bond.

“We attended a team camp in Bluffton, Ohio, over the summer and that gave us a great opportunity to all come together,” Freydl said. “I think it’s already paying dividends this fall.”

Freydl is a multi-talented student-athlete. He has carved out a stellar 3.4 grade-point average, which was bolstered by a 3.7 mark over his final two semesters his junior year.

Speedy corner

He is also fast — not surprising considering he plays a position that requires blanketing some of the fastest players on the opposing team.

Freydl is a multi-year member of the Northville track-and-field program, excelling in the 100- and 200-meter dashes. Although his junior year was hampered by a leg injury, he still managed to register a PR of 12.5 seconds in the 100.

“I used to play basketball, too,” he said, “but I took last year off. I’m thinking about picking that up again this year.”

Freydl enjoys studying history and social studies.

The way the Mustangs have started the 2023 season, he may be part of a history-making team.

And because he has worked his tail off when the Friday night lights are dim, his part will be a major one.

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